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Making the Most of Canadian Summers

🏖️ Canadian Beaches That Feel Like You’re in the Caribbean

Did you know? 🏞️ Canada is home to more lakes than any other country in the world. With over 2 million lakes, Canada's freshwater bodies account for nearly 20% of the world's total freshwater supply. These stunning lakes not only provide drinking water and recreational opportunities but also support diverse ecosystems teeming with wildlife. Get to know Canada’s Great Lakes (watch).

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Making the Most of Canadian Summers

Welcome to your first Canadian summer! As the season of sunshine and long days arrives, there are countless ways to enjoy the warm weather and experience Canadian culture. Here are some tips to help you make the most of it.

☀️ 1. Make the Most of Short Summers: Canadian summers are short but amazing. From June to August, Canadians maximise every sunny day. Enjoy outdoor barbecues, beach outings, and evening bonfires. The long daylight hours allow for extended exploration and leisure, so take advantage of every moment.

🌡️ 2. Understanding the Weather: Summer weather in Canada can be unpredictable. Temperatures vary widely, with warm days and cooler nights. Be prepared for sudden changes in weather, including rain. Check the local forecast regularly to plan your activities accordingly.

👕 3. Dressing for a Canadian Summer: Layering is key to staying comfortable. Wear light, breathable clothing during the day and bring a sweater or light jacket for the evening. Essential accessories include sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect against strong UV rays.

🛶 4. Enjoying Outdoor Activities: Canadians love the outdoors, and summer offers countless activities. Explore Canada’s beautiful landscapes through hiking, kayaking, and canoeing. For a relaxing day, have a picnic in the park or enjoy a leisurely bike ride.

🎊 5. Festivals and Events: Summer is festival season in Canada. Celebrate Canada Day on July 1st with fireworks and parades. Attend major events like the Calgary Stampede, Toronto’s Caribbean Carnival, and Montreal’s International Jazz Festival. Smaller local festivals, farmers' markets, and outdoor concerts also provide great entertainment and cultural experiences.

Find out more about how to have a quintessentially Canadian summer. Enjoy the sun!

Things To Do Around You:

Explore sculptural portraits and quilts made from recycled materials in Tau Lewis' outdoor installation, Coloratura, at The Polygon Gallery, North Vancouver. Until March 20th, 2025. Learn more 

Enjoy art installations, musical performances, and street parties at Downtown Spark! This free event runs from May 23rd to June 2nd  at Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton. Learn more

Join the top international beer festival at Mondiale de la Bière at the Rio Tinto Courtyard, Montreal May 24-26. Enjoy unique beers, expert tastings, music, and a focus on international imports. Learn more

Practice languages and make new friends at the Language Happy Hour! Join us on June 6 at Supermarket Bar and Variety in Kensington Market. All languages are welcome! Learn more

Experience the Scotia Festival of Music on June 3 in Sir Sandford Fleming Park, Halifax. Enjoy live music from over twenty musicians conducted by Jeff Reilly. Learn more

The thrill of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks in the dark at SaskTel Centre, Saskatoon on June 15 & 16! Enjoy laser light shows, theatrical effects, dance parties, and toy giveaways. Get tickets


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🏖️ Canadian Beaches That Feel Like You’re in the Caribbean

Looking for a beach day? You don’t have to travel far! Narcity has put together a list of Canada’s best beaches that will have you feeling as though you are travelling down south. Here are some must-visit beaches to add to your summer travel list. 

Sauble Beach, Ontario
Dubbed the "Daytona of the North," Sauble Beach is renowned for its beautiful white sands and clear, warm waters. As one of the longest freshwater beaches in the world, it offers incredible sunsets and a bustling boardwalk filled with delicious snacks, beachwear, and unique souvenirs.

Ingonish Beach, Nova Scotia
Located on Cape Breton Island, this beach is positioned between the ocean and a freshwater lake. Just a few steps take you from saltwater to freshwater. Easily accessible from the Cabot Trail and the surrounding community offers accommodations, eateries, boat tours, and whale watching.

Parlee Beach, New Brunswick
Pointe-Du-Chêne's Parlee Beach is celebrated as one of North America's finest beaches, known for its golden sands and surprisingly warm waters. In fact, the saltwater here can heat up to a cosy 29°C making it an ideal spot for swimming and relaxation.

Long Beach, British Columbia
This beach is Vancouver Island's longest beach, stretching over 16 kilometres. With golden sands and rolling waves, making it perfect for kayakers, swimmers, those seeking tranquillity and also a top surfing destination. Keep an eye out for grey and humpback whales in the distance.

Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island
The crown jewel of PEI, this beach features vast sand dunes, striking white-gold sand, sandstone cliffs, and barrier islands. The waters here reach a pleasant 21°C in summer.  Don't miss the stunning sunsets and the nearby Cavendish Boardwalk, which offers a variety of shops selling clothing, souvenirs, and more.

🍦 Cool Off with Canada’s Best Ice Cream Shops

Canada's ice cream parlours have earned global acclaim, and EnjoyTravel took a deep dive to uncover the cream of the crop. Here are just a few of the top 20 ice cream shops across the country.

COWS – Banff, AB
The ice cream here is marketed as “super-premium” and honestly, we can’t argue with that. On top of being super delicious, their flavours are creatively cute. Try the Wowie Cowie or Gooey Mooey.

Milkcow Cafe -Vancouver, BC
If you’re looking for outside-of-the-box ice cream, come to Milkcow Cafe. Their soft-serve ice cream comes in some pretty rad flavours. Definitely get their most well-known cold treat which is the watermelon ice cream sandwich.

Kem CoBa – Montréal, QC
The photogenic soft-serve cones and inventive flavours have made Kem CoBa a pretty iconic ice cream parlour in Canada. Both co-owners have years of experience as chefs, and it shows in their sweet creations – salted butter, soursop, and lychee have all been famous flavours.

Chaeban Ice Cream – Winnipeg, MB
Winnipeg’s first super-premium ice cream parlour, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best ice cream parlours in Canada. Using ice-cream that’s made in-house this parlour’s most delicious flavours include Mojito Mint Patti and a traditional Syrian recipe.

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery – Toronto, ON
Bang Bang Ice Cream brings creativity to serving ice cream in Toronto. It helps that they are also bakery because they make the most delicious ice cream sandwiches. Get their ‘Puff’, a pastry with ice cream in the middle and topped with a brown sugar craquelin.

🎬 “Oh Canada” Movie Premiere at Cannes

Oh Canada made its debut at the Cannes Film Festival, featuring a stellar cast including Uma Thurman, Richard Gere, and Jacob Elordi. The film tells the poignant story of Leonard Fife, one of the 60,000 draft evaders who fled to Canada during the Vietnam War. Battling terminal cancer, Fife decides to reveal the secrets and regrets of his mythologized life. As he faces his mortality, the film delves into themes of redemption and the haunting echoes of the past. Learn more